Borgernes Hus

Borgernes Hus in Odense -facade with tombak.

Borgernes Hus (the house of the citizens) in the town of Odense.


Address: Østre Stationsvej 15, 5000 Odense C
Materials: TECU CuZN20/Tombak og TECU Gold



13 ton TECU CuZN20/Tombak and 4,4 ton TECU Gold


After a long-lasting renovation Borgernes Hus (the house of the citizens) could re-open in November 2017. It now contains both the Main Public Library and the Music Library, as well as a large Public Office. The building has changed remarkably – not only due to the new facilities inside, but also on the outside. The facade now has an elegant golden look.


The facade is clad in Tombak CuZN20, consisting of 80% copper and 20% zinc. When mounted this material is golden, but when it ages it will become darker and get a more brownish color with a visible glow to it.


The first patina will be visible relative fast after mounting, which means that the Tombak will reach the first stage of the brownish color within the first year – after that it will be an ongoing process.


Around the large windows, there are angled sections clad in TECU Gold. This material will get a matt patina, which over the years will turn into a golden brownish look.


The combination of these two materials create a golden eye-catcher that draws attention to Borgernes Hus in the city center of Odense.


  • Borgernes Hus (Odense)
  • Borgernes Hus (Odense)
  • Borgernes Hus (Odense)
  • Borgernes Hus (Odense)


Sydbank Odense
Hospice: Diakonissestiftelsen