BJ Gear

BJ Gear

Special alloy, effective delivery

A homogeneous raw material provides a great accuracy in the worm gear of BJ Gear and secures the required tolerances are kept. Metalcenter Danmark processes, stocks and deliver the raw material. In this case it is a special bronze alloy.

- Primarily for our worm gear, but also for every other kind of transmission, is it important for us to have a homogeneous raw material to work with. In this way, we can keep our tolerances and secure a stable and controllable production that provides accuracy. This means a longer durability of the gears and less wear. The special bronze alloy that we work with, is well-suited for standard processes and has at the same time higher strength and lower friction than standard bronze, says Lars Bak, factory manager for BJ Gear in Skanderborg.

- It is very important that the material is homogeneous, so we do not experience stress in the material. The homogeneity of the material ensures that we get a more secure and consistent process though out our production.

Stocking and logistic

Of course, it is important for us that we can get the raw material delivered fast, which is why Metalcenter Danmark stock it for us. We order from their stock to avoid waiting 3 weeks or more. Furthermore, so we do not need to source in all of Europe for material every time we have a new need, says Lars Bak about the logistic set-up agreed between BJ Gear and Metalcenter Danmark.

Through years of co-operation, we have found that this set-up works for us. We work mainly in known solutions in our standard programme. However, we receive great assistance from Metalcenter Danmark when we occasionally need something more special.

Just in time-delivery

- Bronze is a strong material, which is suitable for items, with a high abrasion rate and where lubricating properties are required. The special alloy we supply - gives BJ Gear exactly that, says Bo Dyrhav, Product Manager at Metalcenter Danmark.

We buy the material and put it on stock. When BJ Gear places an order we cut the material on measurements according to specific tolerances. In this way, we ensure just-in-time deliveries for the customer. We guarantee to stock in quantities, so we are prepared for bigger orders. Furthermore, BJ Gear reports to us, if they have changes in their forecast, so we can organise accordingly. It is a strong collaboration with a good dialogue.


BJ Gear uses bronze-items for worm wheels. The bronze is an obvious choice of material, because it has a great durability and low friction. BJ Gear delivers worm gears and among other things gears for the medical- and windmill/offshore-industry. In these industries, they make demands on documentation and traceability. Metalcenter Danmark can trace the bronze alloy and the raw material as far as to the specific works. A strong supply value chain is important for BJ Gear, wherefore Metalcenter Danmark both stocks and prepares the items. The goal is a flexible just in time delivery.


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